Pole Position Training is all about you…
the client

Years of experience develop positive training solutions and delighted clients.  Just think, we undertake over 400 training courses each year so our skills and techniques are proven.  People absorb knowledge and learn at different speeds, probably in a different style as well.  Delegates leave our courses enthusiastic, and determined to succeed.  Our qualified trainers create desire to succeed using a combination of knowledge and engagement.

Jonathan Harper explains – Why Pole Position Training
“Starting work in a junior role, I have grown to recognise the value and importance of Training. 

Now, with my own company I want to share my passion for learning and make Pole Position Training a natural choice for your company as your Training provider.

 I am excited about the future.  I take pride in our service and commitment to customers delivering quality courses  at competitive rates.”

Jonathan Harper, Managing Director 

We challenge the traditional training methods.  We believe in passion and our trainers bring enthusiasm and determination into the course.  Using modern interactive teaching techniques, learners find the course fun and energising.  Efficient employees and staff become successful leaders.  Pole Position Training solutions create measurable, positive results.

Our trainers develop enthusiasm and determination using fun, and passion for learning.  The learners become energised and intrigued by how much they progress in such a short time.  All our courses are ideal for small or large, local, regional or national businesses.  Just consider….. the training might be in-house or as an Open Course. Our training curriculem suits all businesses, small, medium, or large.

Effective Training techniques need experience, qualification, and motivation.  For clients we design and undertake results driven training solutions.  No two clients need the same product.  Therefore you could say our courses are bespoke.  Plus our curriculum provides fantastic value for money.

Our vision is to transform the way we learn.
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