Facilities – In-house or open training courses

To deliver effective, inspirational training, modern facilities are essential. The learning environment contributes to the success of every course. It’s an intensive time for the learners. They need to feel relaxed, be comfortable, and have space to mingle and move.

Consider the options-

  • In house training for your delegates
  • Book the delegates onto an open training course

In-house training – We come to you

Just consider the advantages of in-house training-

  • Course delegates know the place
  • Easy access for learners as they attend daily
  • Training content relates to your business site
  • In-house training courses are cost-effective

Consider these bespoke training courses. Designed specifically for your business. Using your business premises, we supply projection equipment and screens, flip charts with easel and pens, course notes and stationery, video equipment and screens. In a nutshell we transform a meeting room into a learning environment.

Open training course advantages

The 6 advantages of using an Open Training Course –

  • The delegates are away from their work environment.
  • They will feel relaxed but excited about the event.
  • Our specially selected open course locations help to develop and improve the learning environment
  • Relaxed learners absorb more information.
  • Delegate selection develops a feeling of being valued.
  • Networking opportunity with businesses or delegates

Great surroundings turn training into an employee bonus. The selection of Open Training Courses enables a business to mix and match their training needs.

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