Training Services

Jon from Pole Position TrainingThere is no single magical ingredient to success.  Using the latest training techniques our Trainers build enthusiasm

  • to learn,
  • to develop
  • to build knowledge and skills  
  • to become the best. 

In fact learners arrive as delegates and leave as friends.  Our vision and values are simple – to transform the way we learn through interactive training.  Consider these 4 principles-

Passion, people and positive thinking.

We love what we do, bringing enthusiasm, energy, and belief to any business task.  We think positively and our training courses show it.

Achieving potential

We show learners how to realise their true potential.  We develop and produce an innovative training curriculum, that improve both the learners and clients experience.  Learners become intrigued and learn fast from examples presented, explained, or outlined by the trainer.  Energy and fun develop positive results and we measure them.

Training adapted to the individual

Everybody learns at a different speed and style.  We adapt the training approach to support the individual needs.  We go the extra mile.  Delegates learn by our example.  For instance we teach them a simple action such as sharpening the pencils they use over a break period.  It’s the  trick that stays in the mind.  Just one of our teaching techniques.

Effective business relationships

We maximise success by our working together long-term.  Jointly we set the skills goals and then measure the results.  We support both the client and the learners.  After the training course we are always there to help either the client or the learner.  This is why clients appreciate our training courses and long-term friendship.  It pays huge benefits and builds positive business.

Personal Protection Training – uniquely different with successful courses.

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