Complaints Policy

We deal with all comments and complaints seriously. We promise that we will treat your comment or complaint fairly and impartially.

We will not treat you differently because you have made a complaint. We will not discriminate against you on the basis of your age, disability, ethnicity, gender, religion, belief or any other irrelevant ground.

We aim to respond to you promptly – regardless of the subject matter, the way in which you contact us with your comment or complaint.

If we are unable to respond at the first point of contact, we aim to deal with your comment or complaint within ten working days of receipt.

When things have gone wrong we will do our best to resolve matters quickly and fairly. We will:

  • explain what went wrong and why
  • apologise when it is appropriate
  • take action to remedy the situation, when possible

If you consider that the complaint is due to the examining board and is still not resolved fairly the complaint can be taken up with examining board who can also help you refer your complaint to other external bodies for review.

Pole Position Training will maintain a record of all complaints and suggestions including any findings and outcomes. For more information please contact us through our phone line 01803 526802 or by e-mail

Confidentiality and whistle blowing

We understand that sometimes a complainant will wish to remain anonymous. While we are prepared to investigate issues which are reported to us anonymously we shall always, in these cases, try to confirm an allegation by means of a separate investigation before taking up the matter with those responsible. This will delay a resolution of your complaint and may mean that it is not progressed further. It is always preferable to reveal your identity and contact details to us, and if you are concerned about possible adverse consequences request us not to divulge your identity.

Pole Position Training will investigate complaints from whistleblowers in accordance with relevant whistle blowing legislation.

Course evaluation

We are always looking for ways to improve our courses and to provide an effective learning experience

After each course run by Pole Position Training, candidates have the opportunity to complete a questionnaire and comments are used to improve further courses