Guide to Human Resources

Course Outline

Human resources (HR) covers all aspects of employee management, such as recruiting, hiring, training, retaining and firing. Within each specific area, there are various proven effective human resource management strategies. Since workers are a much-needed resource in any company, successful management HR techniques are required for a productive team environment to occur that can create the profits a company needs to stay in business. Strategic human resource management is essential in both large and small companies.

Who should attend?

This course is designed to introduce new or recently appointed line managers with limited or no HR background to the basic fundamentals of HR practice. It will provide an insight into key areas of recruitment, employee relations, discipline and legislation and will give the core knowledge to tackle HR issues and give advice with confidence.

This course covers

  • Know the vital skill sets for today’s HR professional
  • Clarify your areas of responsibility
  • Recruit and select new staff effectively
  • Manage employee relations
  • Handle disciplinary matters decisively
  • Understand key employment laws
  • Develop your employees by implementing lifelong learning
  • Heighten performance through reward
  • Validate and evaluate jobs
  • Record keeping and the data protection act
  • Harness equal opportunities and make the most of a diverse workforce
  • Learn HR policies that affect your organisation


1 day

Other information

Course Tools & Assessment Method

Power point Presentation, Syndicate Exercises, Practical Exercises and Group Discussion. Learner’s knowledge is evidenced by verbal or written questioning.

Certification given on completion.