Successful Interviewing Skills

Course Outline

The interview is frequently perceived simply as a selection device but it is in fact a vital management tool used on a daily basis by managers. Interviewing your staff can make a huge difference if handled properly, Selection, appraisal, counseling, discipline and exit interviews all provide opportunities to develop a more productive and constructive employment relationship and are vitally important to the success of a business

Who should attend?

The Essential Interviewing Skills course will benefit all those who are, or will be, required to interview employees as part of their HR or line management responsibilities. It is designed primarily for those who have had little or no previous formal training in this area. For more experienced interviewers, this course will help refresh existing skills and through practical involvement, encourage new working practices and ideas in a positive and constructive atmosphere.

This course covers

  • Learn techniques to help control interview nerves.
  • Discover how to use your voice to convey a confident & engaging style.
  • Know how to use body language to build rapport with your candidate.
  • Discover key preparation techniques to help you perform to your strengths.
  • Learn to adopt new questioning techniques.
  • Discuss the benefits of active listening.
  • Learn the importance of non-verbal and verbal communication.


1 day

Other information

Course Tools & Assessment Method
Power point Presentation, Syndicate Exercises, Practical Exercises and Group Discussion. Learner’s knowledge is evidenced by verbal or written questioning.

Certification given on completion.